My name is Penty. I make dolls, very slowly. If you want slightly faster updates you can check my deviantArt account, but this place has more hilarious old dolls and 90% less unflattering green.

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Could you get to the dolls already?

New host! Please update your links to www.troyenne.net/plch/ if for some inexplicable reason you have them.

Guess who just finished an art trade from 2012? Aww yeahhh.

I don't think I've dolled this quickly since, like, 2008.

Uploaded most of the doll pages. It's only been, what, three years?


pageant ocs formal gifts fanart

Go on, tag me

At this point I could just go in and change the colors on the tagboard manually but I feel like its ugliness is some kind of institution. Maybe I'll do it when I'm not lazy (so never).

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